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About Wilshire Law Firm

Wilshire Law Firm represents victims of catastrophic accidents, those who have suffered due to toxic contamination in the environment, dangerous pharmaceuticals and damaged products; as well, people who have been wrongfully terminated by their employers.

Founding President and Managing Attorney, Bobby Saadian, has inspired a multi-generational team of legal experts to care about people and to give of themselves, for the betterment of our clients. Every day, we share our time, expertise and understanding with those who need legal guidance and support.

Being awarded among the top 1 % of lawyers, nationwide, comes with a huge responsibility. We're dedicated to promoting honesty, integrity and civility in the legal profession. When you retain Wilshire Law Firm's services, you have rights!

Wilshire Law Firm Team

The Wilshire Law Firm Team


30-Day No Fee Guarantee

When you retain our services, if during the initial thirty (30) days you're not satisfied with our efforts, you have the right to take your case elsewhere, and you don't owe us any money. No fees, no charges, no penalties.


You have the right to privacy. Any and all communications between you and our firm are strictly confidential.

We will protect your information.

Full Disclosure

You have the right to know. We will always be transparent about our legal process, your case, our fees, and all the services offered. You have the right to ask us as many pertinent questions as you wish.

Diligent Approach

You have the right to a diligent service and a high standard of professionalism. We will always go above and beyond to represent and defend you. We will work hard for your case.

Respect and Courtesy

You have the right to a respectful and friendly experience. We will always return your phone calls, emails and letters. We will always treat you with the utmost respect and consideration.

Ethical Standards

You have the right to honesty and integrity. It's our moral duty to provide you with a service, which denotes a level of trust, upon which you can depend. We take your needs very seriously.

Ultimate Decision

You have the right to make the final decision in all matters concerning the outcome of your case. We will never go above you. You're the ultimate decisionmaker. We're here to represent you.

No Win, No Fee Promise

You have the right to not pay any legal fees, if you don't win the case. We work on the contingency fee basis. You don't have to pay us in advance for our hard work. No win, no fee.