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SAFE Resources

Traffic Collision Report

Traffic Collision Reports are made available to victims and their authorized representative(s). These reports greatly aid in determining who the responsible party is.

Los Angeles Hospitals

There are a number of hospitals and care facilities in Los Angeles and throughout California. Use this list to locate a hospital near you.

Los Angeles Car Rental Companies

When you have been in an accident, often your vehicle is no longer road worthy. A rental car can meet your transportation needs until your car is repaired or replaced.

Los Angeles Towing Services

If your vehicle is inoperable and not in a place where it can remain safely, contact a towing company to have your vehicle moved to a place where it can remain.

Government Departments and Assistance

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

State and federal assistance through MediCare and MedicAid can be invaluable for many. To see if you qualify for their assistance or could benefit from one of their service offerings, follow the link below.

Support Groups

Trauma Survivors Network

The Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) is a community of patients and families who are looking to connect with one another and rebuild their lives after a serious injury.

Biker Down

A non Profit 0ffering Motorcycle Roadside Assistance and Rider Support.

Hospitals & Care Facilities

Health Facilities Consumer Information System

Information on Hospitals and Long-term care facilities.

Nursing Home Citations Assessments (By County)

If a loved one needs the care that only a nursing home can provide, identifying a home that is safe is important. Learn more about the state’s assessment of nursing homes by reviewing actual assessments that have been conducted.

Outpatient Surgery Centers Database

Use this helpful resource to find an outpatient surgical center near you.

End of Life Resources

Advance Health Care Directive Registry

An advance health care directive lets your physician, family, and friends know your health care preferences, including the types of special treatment you want or don’t want at the end of life, your desire for diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and organ donation.

Department of Medical Examiner & Coroners Office – Los Angeles

The coroners office can provide valuable insight into the cause of death. This information may have a significant impact on the outcome of a wrongful death claim.

Organ Donation

The loss of a loved one is very difficult to deal with. However, some solace can be found in knowing that their loss can benefit someone else who is in need of a vital organ that they can provide.

Covered California

Resources to Help You Keep and Use Your Covered California Health Insurance Plan.