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California Battery Explosion Lawyers

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If you have suffered severe injuries from a battery explosion, whether it was a Galaxy Note 7, a Hoverboard, or an e-cigarette, you may be entitled to compensation.

Always call an experienced battery explosion attorney to represent your case. Our battery explosion lawyers know how to fight and negotiate to get you the compensation you deserve. Some battery explosion victims don’t realize how much of an ongoing impact their injuries can have on their lives. That’s why it’s important to call the best battery explosion lawyer.

Mostly, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to make sure that their products are safe for consumers. That includes, making sure that they set up battery charging protocols, correctly. Inside the devices that rely on batteries, software tells them how much, and for how long, a battery should be charged. Therefore, when something goes wrong, and a battery explosion occurs, manufacturers are liable. In this cases, you need an experienced battery explosion attorney to handle your product liability claim.

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Technology, Gadgets and Battery Explosions

Electronic Devices

In the era of technological advances and digital communication, tech startups and industry veterans keep coming up with cool gadgets, or improved features, to entice consumers, of all ages, to use them.

These electronic devices serve a purpose in our daily lives; whether to communicate with each other, entertain ourselves or, simply, to have product variety. These days, we have an array of smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and electronic toys, which are among the most sold electronic devices in the world. Millions of people, also, use e-cigs or vapes; manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative, when making the transition to, eventually, quit smoking.

Prevalence of smoking among U.S. adults as of 2016, by ethnicity

Why Do Batteries Explode?

Batteries are a by-product of power consumption in modern society, and almost all electronic devices use them. Most batteries are safe, and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries area highly popular. The use of batteries has been implemented not just in gadgets, but also in cars and even airplanes. Batteries store energy and release it through controlled chemical reactions.

However, where there’s demand there’s competition. Sometimes, manufacturers push the limits of technology to provide ‘more battery life’ or ‘faster charging speed.’ By pushing technology, companies are, also, pushing their luck, as they often put consumers at risk of accidentes and, more specifically, at the mercy of battery explosions. The most common cause of a battery explosion is thermal runaway, in defective batteries. That’s why cell phones, laptops and e-cigs catch fire, occasionally.

e-Cig Battery Explosions

If you’re trying to quit smoking by switching to an e-cigarette, you might be familiar with personal vaporizers, or vapes. In the U.S., vapes have been available to consumers for the past ten years, and almost 3 million people are using them. Although cigarettes are regulated by the federal government, e-cigarettes are not always regulated, as they should be.

The FDA has issued warnings on reported illnesses from e-cigarettes, such as:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Pneumonia
  • Seizure
  • And other serious health problems

Why Do e-Cig Batteries Explode?

electronic cigarette market share in the united states in 2016

E-cigs or vapes have been available to consumers for the past ten years, and almost 3 million people are using them, in the United States. When the lithium-ion battery in the vapes overheats, the flammable electrolyte may explode. Although cigarettes are regulated by the federal government, vapes are not always regulated, appropriately.

Battery overheating can occur for the following reasons:

  • Internal cell fault
  • Puncture
  • External heat
  • Battery overcharge
  • Short circuit

In some cases, an e-Cig can explode, spontaneously, causing chemical and blast injuries to the user.

What Injuries Do Vape Battery Explosions Cause?

There have been many reports on burned victims, their claims and lawsuits against distributors, sellers and manufacturers of electronic devices. Thousands of consumers have suffered severe injuries from exploding batteries. A battery explosion can affect the quality of your personal and professional life, when you sustain serious injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Burns
  • Scarring
  • Cuts
  • Eye injuries
  • Teeth injuries
  • Hand Injuries
  • And other severe and fatal injuries

Why Choose Wilshire Law Firm

The use of batteries is here to stay, and the number of cases of injuries and property damage will continue to increase; especially, in the case of vapes or e-cigs, until those are regulated. As a consumer, when you’re injured by a defective battery explosion, you have the right to claim compensation for your damages and losses, and make those responsible accountable for their negligence.

A battery explosion attorney can help you understand the legal aspects of your claim, and represent you to obtain the maximum compensation possible.
By choosing Wilshire Law Firm’s battery explosion attorneys, you are choosing:

  • An excellent service from bilingual, legal professionals
  • The top 1% of lawyers, nationwide
  • Personalized representation and individual attention
  • Maximum settlement value for your case
  • FREE consultations
  • You don’t pay, unless you win
  • Get CASH in as little as 48 hours
  • Medical bills paid
  • Access to doctors, who will treat you with no upfront costs
  • Transportation to and from medical and court appointments

Cases involving dangerous and/or defective products are complex, and issues of federal safety and FDA approval may pre-empt state law. Therefore, you need a competent team of high-profile, battery explosion lawyers, who are capable of trying handling with outstanding results.

Wilshire Law Firm utilizes integrated solutions, which allow our bilingual teams to successfully interact with our clients. Every client receives the highest standard of service and care. We listen carefully to your needs, to the facts and your circumstances. We put a decade of diligent, hard work and knowledge into action, to deliver the very best results. You don’t pay, unless you win!

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