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Last Updated: 02-01-2017

Due to the volume of taxis on the road, and given what a taxi driver faces on a daily basis, it is not surprising that accidents involving caps occur.

As professional drivers, taxicab operators are expected to operate at a higher standard and with appropriate insurances. These daily drivers spend their entire day running about the city. They are constantly stopping and starting, pulling in and out of traffic and operating an varying and dynamic conditions.

Taxi Cab Injuries

Beyond a standard accident, there are a number of other injuries relating to taxi cabs, that can be sustained.

  • Vehicle collision
  • Hit as a pedestrian
  • Foot can be run over
  • Whiplash from sudden stop (and other injuries
  • Broken fingers due to slammed door or trunk lid

I have been in a taxi accident. What do I do?

Following an accident involving a taxicab both as a passenger and a bystander, what to do next can be confusing. Questions like: Who is responsible for compensation? Who do I interact with? if the cab owner is from out-of-state, how do I handle that? These questions and more, can make the process following your accident very challenging. This is why it is wise to employ the services of Wilshire Law Firm.

Wilshire Law Firm

Wilshire Law Firm is made-up of experienced taxi accident lawyers. Our team will boldly take on the responsible party to hold them responsible. Our team of experts will see out the highest possible compensation for your injuries. This may include remuneration for medical treatment received, as well as potential future medical costs, lost income and future wages, as well as pain and suffering.

To schedule a free, no obligation case consultation with one of our taxi accident lawyers, complete our online form, or call us on (800) 522-7274.