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Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in California

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If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, the attorneys and team at Wilshire Law Firm want to express our sincerest wishes for your speedy and complete recovery.

However, if that injury was to any extent, due to the negligence of others, or if an insurance company does not want to adequately compensate for your losses, the legal services of our personal injury attorneys can ensure those parties uphold their obligations to restore your financial circumstances and long-term health.

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I was referred by a family friend. I have had them represent me for two cases where I was rear ended in both. My experience has been awesome!!! I would recommend Wilshire Law to anyone. The entire staff was extremely helpful and always made themselves available, overall a great experience.

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Catastrophic Injury Attorney in California 

Catastrophic injuries are the most severe and extreme types of personal injuries and can result in loss of life or a limb, permanent physical or mental disability and ongoing pain. Injuries this severe are usually caused by an accident, which is often the result of negligence, which can amount to liability for damages against the negligent party.

Catastrophic Injury Law Firm in California: Types of Catastrophic Injuries

As a result of a catastrophic injury, the victim's life will undoubtedly change. The permanent effects of brain damage, amputation, broken bones, spinal injury, and paralysis, such as paraplegia or quadriplegia, are not easily overcome. To ensure the costs of ongoing medications, treatment, and rehabilitation are covered; the victim and victim's family members need to consult with the services of a certified personal injury lawyer.

Some of the most common types of catastrophic injuries include, but are not limited to:

Amputation: An amputation includes full or partial removal of any of your limbs. Doctors will usually have to perform an amputation if your injuries were too severe to your arm or leg and thus, the limb can't be saved. Or an unexpected amputation might occur at the scene of an accident, if your limb was catastrophically severed, as a result of an accident.

Brain Injuries: These types of injuries usually result in moderate to severe cognitive impairment. In fact, a traumatic brain injury can cause temporary neurological dysfunction. However, more severe brain trauma can cause bleeding, bruising, torn tissues and other physical damage to the brain structure that can lead to indefinite neurological deficits or death.

Spinal Cord Injuries: These types of injuries include injuries to any area of the spinal cord or nerves at the tip of the spinal canal. Spinal cord injuries frequently inflict indefinite changes in strength, touch and other regular bodily functions under the area of the injury. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries often cause quadriplegia or paraplegia, which can make the victim dependent on using a wheelchair for the rest of his or her life.

Types of Amputation Injuries

Suffering the loss of a limb in an accident is an overwhelmingly traumatic injury. Examples include workplace accidents involving heavy machinery or losing a limb in an explosion.

A surgical amputation can happen due to a major car or workplace accident. The limb in question may be too badly damaged to save or the operation may be necessary to save the victim’s life. This procedure is always performed as a last resort and many times, right in the emergency room.

Medically, amputations are categorized as lower and upper limb amputations.

Lower limb amputations involve legs, feet and toes. These are subdivided according to the affected limb area.

  • Digital amputation – The amputation of any toes. The surgery may involve removing an entire toe or a portion of one. Either way, the victim’s balance may be affected.
  • Partial foot amputation – If the amputation removes a toe as well as any metatarsals, it falls under this category of amputation. Part of the foot may be left intact.
  • Ankle disarticulation – The entire foot below the ankle is amputated.
  • Below the knee or a transtibial amputation – This amputation is performed right below the knee, allowing the victim use of that knee joint.
  • Knee disarticulation – The entire lower leg and knee joint are removed.
  • Transfemoral amputation – This amputation is done through the thigh bone, somewhere between the hip and knee. The entire leg below that point is lost, but the victim does retain use of their hip.
  • Hip disarticulation – The entire leg is removed, as well as the femur. In some cases, part of the hip joint is left intact to make sitting more comfortable.
  • Hemipelvectomy – The entire leg is amputated, along with part of the pelvis. This is the rarest lower limb amputation procedure.

Upper limb amputations are less common than lower limb amputations. They are categorized as:

  • Partial hand amputation – Surgeons may remove the tips of fingers, including the thumb, or the entire digit. The loss of a thumb greatly impedes the victim’s ability to hold and pick up an object.
  • Metacarpal amputation – Part of the hand or the entire hand is surgically removed, but the wrist is left intact.
  • Wrist disarticulation – The hand and wrist joint are removed.
  • Transradial amputation – This amputation removes a section of the arm from the forearm down. The hand and wrist are amputated, as well as part of the forearm. The elbow is left intact.
  • Elbow disarticulation – The arm is amputated at the elbow.
  • Transhumeral amputation – An amputation above the elbow, somewhere on the upper arm and below the shoulder.
  • Shoulder disarticulation – These amputations are rare. They involve the removal of the entire arm as well as the shoulder blade and collarbone.

Common Causes of Amputations

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of amputations due to trauma, not an illness. But amputations can result from other types of accidents as well.

  • Car accidents – Catastrophic car accidents can cause severe injuries to the victim’s arms or legs, leading to an amputation. For motorcyclists, that danger is even greater, due to the lack of protection surrounding them.
  • Workplace injuries – Industrial machinery can crush or sever an employee’s limb due to malfunction. Being burned on the job is another workplace injury that can lead to amputation. If the burn is serious enough, doctors may have no choice but to amputate the severely damaged limb.
  • Injury on private or public property – Landlords who do not properly maintain a property can put their tenants or visitors at risk. Poorly maintained stairs, elevators or garage doors can cause serious injuries, including amputations.

Compensation for Amputation Injuries

Needing to have a limb amputated due to the negligence of another person or entity completely changes a person’s life. It affects the victim physically, psychologically and financially. In most cases, the amputation victim cannot return to their normal life or work in the same capacity as before the injury. This affects their income and consequently their family as well.

When determining the compensation that an amputation injury victim is entitled to, several factors need to be considered. What may seem like a generous settlement offer from an insurance company can quickly vanish due to ongoing medical care and loss of income. Expenses to consider:

  • Current and future medical bills and expenses – An amputation injury requires ongoing medical treatment, which can last a lifetime.
  • Prosthetic limbs – While great advances have been made in the creation and fitting of prosthetic limbs, the price of obtaining one can be high.
  • Physical therapy – Depending on the limb amputated, the victim may require extensive physical therapy to regain the ability to sit, stand, walk or grasp objects.
  • Home modification – An amputee’s home may need to be modified to accommodate them. Bathrooms and kitchens will need to be made accessible. Ramps may be needed at doors leading outside. All of these changes can be costly.
  • Lost income and future earnings – Some employers will make accommodations for an injured employee, but usually, that isn’t the case. This is especially true in the industrial sector. That usually means a complete or partial loss of income. If the amputation severely affects mobility, it can mean permanent disability and a complete inability to make a living.
  • Emotional support – An amputation is one of the most emotionally upsetting injuries that a person can experience. This can translate into ongoing psychological care over a lifetime.

The Most Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in California are:

Our California Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Can Help

At Wilshire Law Firm, we understand the pain, suffering, and emotional distress that accompany catastrophic injuries and tailor our legal services to accommodate the special needs of our clients. Our personal injury attorneys deal directly with legal counsel for the negligent parties and their insurance companies and claims adjusters, so that you can focus on recuperation and rehabilitation.

As accident lawyers in Los Angeles area for more than a decade, we have the experience and expertise to ensure you are fully compensated for the costs and discomfort resulting from the catastrophic injury.

The Center for Disease Control has determined that catastrophic injuries kill more Americans than any other cause, regardless of age, gender, economic level, or race.

While that defines the greater danger, many more people survive catastrophic injuries. Many suffer only temporary pain or discomfort. But for others, their injuries lead to long-term disability and chronic pain, and require extended hospitalization and expensive medical treatment.

When your catastrophic injury is the fault of another's negligence, the catastrophic injury attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm can file suit against those responsible so that are fully compensated for your loss and pain. Contact the firm early, before medical expenses grow beyond your ability to pay such that your financial circumstances and credit rating are damaged. Our firm can arrange all medical care required to affect your total recovery with no upfront money out of pocket from you.

The accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm have lots of successful experience from representing many accident victims and exert every effort required to secure a fair settlement for our injured clients. We are a service-oriented, client-focused law firm and are available to assist you to learn more about your rights as an injury victim and to answer any questions you may. We offer a free and confidential consultation at our office or any place that is convenient for you.

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident that caused serious injuries, please contact an attorney at (800) 522-7274.

Catastrophic Accident Attorneys: Get Help Now

Being involved in a car accident is one of the most traumatic experiences one can ever have in his or her life. When someone sustains a severe injury from a crash, it can take quite a while for them to recover.

It is very important for one to seek medical care as soon as possible after a serious car accident to prevent the situation from getting worse. Recovery from catastrophic injuries will definitely take a while. Most of the time, it is dependent on having access to good healthcare. Additionally, the victim will probably have to miss work until they recover and might also need to have a personal care attendant to assist with their day-to-day tasks in the house.

With that said, it is quite simple to see how the costs connected with severe injuries could quickly add up. The law provides legal protection for those individuals who have experienced catastrophic injuries resulting from another person’s negligence. Normally, to get compensation, there is a need to take legal action. This is where car accident attorneys come in; they will present a strong case on your behalf to get you fairly compensated for your suffering.

What types of injuries are considered catastrophic?

There are several types of injuries that can be considered catastrophic. They include:

  • Severe brain injury
  • Quadriplegia or Paraplegia
  • Eye damage that causes blindness
  • Amputation
  • Injury leading to severe behavioral or mental impairment

Catastrophic injuries are devastating not just because of the cognitive or physical impairments caused by them, but also because of the psychological and emotional distress which can slow down the process of recovery.

Many of these injuries are progressive in nature. A spinal cord injury, for instance, could become more severe as time passes. The same is also true for head injuries. Severe head injuries are capable of causing significant impairments such as cognitive disabilities, headaches, personality changes, and dizziness.

Catastrophic Personal Injury Cases: How much compensation will I get?

Victims of catastrophic injuries caused by car accidents are entitled to compensation which is higher compared to what most other victims of more minor car accidents are entitled to. For instance, rehabilitation and medical costs after a catastrophic injury can amount to the hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. In addition, catastrophic injury claims often take into account long-term needs, like caregiver benefits and income replacement benefits, particularly if the sustained injury means that your chances of getting a job are minimal. Finally, even though the value of catastrophic injury claims might seem high, the associated charges of treating and managing such injuries only means that, for most victims, this money might not be enough. Dealing with these injuries is both financially and emotionally draining. And that’s why many victims get large settlements or verdicts. Fighting for compensation can, however, not be done alone. Victims need to consult with skilled car accident attorneys to get the best legal representation possible.

Contact our California Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Today!

Some individuals are usually hesitant to contact accident attorneys after a car crash because they assume that the insurance company will automatically cover all their bills and give a fair settlement offer for the injuries they have suffered. If you find yourself at this point, just remember that insurance companies are simply profit-driven businesses which will do their best to settle personal injury claims for the least possible amount. It is for this reason that one needs to work with skilled car accident attorneys after a serious car accident. Your attorney will help you get fair compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering endured, and any other expense resulting from the accident.

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