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What You Need to Know About Medical Care and Accidents

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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Medical Care After a Crash

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Getting injured in a traffic accident can be traumatic. Depending on the force of impact, you may have fractured or broken bones, cuts and bruises, head injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries and burns. You may be bleeding and in severe pain. You may be feeling dizzy, nauseated and disorientated. You may even become unconscious. In some cases, the symptoms do not appear for several hours or even days and by the time they appear, it may be too late for you.

But that’s not the only reason you should seek immediate medical care. Once you are injured, the bills from your treatment-related expenses start piling up. Your insurance may cover the costs of treatment, but there will be other losses that it will not cover, such as lost wages. If the accident was caused by another driver, then should talk to a car accident attorney to file a claim for compensation.

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t delay medical care after a crash:

  1. To get back to good health as soon as you can: In the immediate aftermath of an accident, your first and foremost concern should be your health and wellbeing. No amount of compensation can restore you to your pre-accident condition if you are debilitated for life. No amount of money can bring you back if you die. Death and disability are often a serious possibility after a car accident. Failure to seek medical attention can result in deterioration of your injury, which can be very costly in the long term. So getting back to good health as soon as possible is the number one reason you should seek immediate medical care.
  1. The burden of proof lies on injured: Once you file a claim, the court will expect you to prove your injuries as well as the liability of the other driver. In other words, you will carry the burden of proof. The evidence you provide should be in the form of doctor appointments, hospital bills, medical tests (such as blood tests, x-rays and MRI) and your medical records. You should also acquire an assessment of your injuries from your treating physician. If you are not able to produce such evidence, then your claim will likely be weakened or denied altogether even if signs of your injury are apparent.
  1. Any delay will be exploited by the defense: The insurance company of the defendant will do everything they legally can to avoid paying compensation. So any delay in seeking medical care will only add to their advantage. The defense will exploit it to make your case weaker and have it dismissed if they can. They will argue that your injury was not serious and that you deliberately aggravated it by not seeking medical care. If you can’t prove them wrong, then you will end up receiving much less compensation that you would have if you had sought medical attention immediately after the accident.
  1. Not all injuries are obvious: Some injuries, like whiplash and TBI, are not obvious. The only way to prove that you have these injuries is to produce records of doctor visits, medical examinations, diagnosis and treatment. Seeking medical attention immediately after the accident and then following it up with frequent visits to the doctors will help document your injury, which in turn will provide more justification for the court to decide in your favor. This is a very important reason why you should seek medical care immediately after an accident.

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An important fact you should keep in mind is that insurance companies are never on the plaintiff’s side. For this reason, you will need a car accident attorney who is not only experienced in these matters, but also an aggressive negotiator who knows how to counteract the tactics of insurance companies.

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