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California Car Accident Checklist

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Some Important Tips from a Knowledgeable Car Accident Attorney

Things can quickly and unexpectedly go wrong when you are on the road, as all experienced car accident lawyers know. But it’s not just accidents and bad weather you need to worry about, even a minor mishap like a flat tire can get you stranded for hour without food and water miles away from the nearest town. Therefore, you must always keep some essential tools your car.

As any experienced car accident attorney can tell you, you can never predict an emergency situation. So whether you drive your car just to go to office and back or hundreds of miles every day, you will need to keep some essential items in your car. Here are 32 essential things you should always keep in your car.

  1. Owner’s manual: It contains all the information you will need to get back on the road when something goes wrong miles away from the nearest auto repair shop.
  2. Tire inflater and sealer: It allows you to plug a leak in your tire so that you can drive to the nearest workshop to have it fixed.
  3. Spare tire: Always carry a spare tire if you don’t want to be stuck with a flat tire miles away from the nearest town.
  4. Tire jack and iron: You cannot change a tire without these.
  5. Tire pressure gauge: Checking tire pressure regularly is the best way to avoid a flat tire. It also improves handling, increases fuel efficiency, and promotes tire longevity.
  6. Jumper cables: If your car battery dies on you, then you need these to help you jump start your car.
  7. Portable battery charger: Essential if you are going on a long drive, having a portable battery charger ensures that you will not be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that refuses to start.
  8. USB mobile charger: You will need a USB charger to charge your cell phone, tablet and other mobile devices.
  9. Flashlight with extra batteries: A flashlight is absolutely necessary if you are stuck in your car at night or if you need to change a tire in the dark.
  10. WD-40: This tool can help you loosen rusted nuts and bolts that refuse to budge when changing tires and doing other repairs.
  11. First aid kit: This is the first thing you will need if you or someone is injured in an accident. It may save your life.
  12. Bottled water: Always keep a good stash of bottled water in your car. You will need it to keep yourself hydrated if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
  13. Energy bars: These will keep you alive if you are stuck in a snowstorm or if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
  14. Emergency money: You will need money to tip the tow truck people and for other emergency needs. So always keep some money in change and small bills in your car.
  15. Map of the state: A detailed map of the state will help you find your way home when your car’s GPS navigation system fails.
  16. An old cellphone: If your cellphone is lost or dead in an emergency situation, you can call 911 or 999 with your old cellphone even without subscription.
  17. Weather radio: A weather radio can save you a lot of trouble and even save your life on a day of bad weather.
  18. Blanket: You will need a blanket to keep yourself warm if you are stuck high up in the mountain or in a blizzard.
  19. Extra clothes: Carry some spare clothes if you are going for a long drive. You might get wet when changing a tire or doing some other repair work on a rainy or snowy day.
  20. Shovel: Always carry a shovel in your car in winter. You will need it to clear a road blocked by snow and ice.
  21. Road salt: If your car is stuck in ice, then dump a lot of road salt near the ice. It will melt the ice and save the day for you.
  22. Tissue papers: You will need these to wipe your hands and mouth after eating.
  23. Hand towel: You will need a hand towel to wipe the sweat and dirt from your hands and face.
  24. Umbrella: Always keep an umbrella in your car. You will need it when stepping out of your car on a rainy day.
  25. Shopping bag: You will need one for impromptu shopping on the way home or to office.
  26. Flares (or reflective triangle): These can save you from being hit by another car if you have stopped at the side of the road in the dark.
  27. Gloves and scarfs: These can keep you from being frostbitten on a bitterly cold day or night.
  28. Carpet remnant or cardboard: You can place these under the tires for traction when you are stuck in the snow.
  29. Duct tape: You will need duct tapes for a variety of uses; so always keep one in your car.
  30. Auto repair shop business card: You will need to phone your auto repair shop if your car breaks down.
  31. Escape/Rescue Tool: Use it to cut the seatbelt and break the windows to make you escape
  32. A Tool Kid: Cars have lots of out of sight nuts and bolts that can get loose due to age, vibrations and other reasons.

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