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What to Do if You Are in a Bus Accident in California

5 Steps to Take after a Bus Accident in California

Whenever you take a bus, whether a city bus, a tour bus, a shuttle, a school bus, etc., you are putting your life in the hands of the bus driver and the owner of the bus. We often take this fact for granted, feeling secure even though many buses don’t have safety belts or airbags. While most bus rides arrive at their destination safely and without incident, bus accidents DO happen – and when they do, the consequences can be significant.

Bus accident claims differentiate themselves from the typical car accident claim in many ways: they often involve more victims and more responsible parties, and injuries can potentially be much more serious due to the absence of safety equipment. If you have been injured in a bus accident, it is highly advised that you consult with an attorney who has experience handling bus accident claims. These cases tend to be highly complex affairs and you will need a legal professional to help you to maximize your recovery.

The Immediate Aftermath

After a bus accident, your first priority is to preserve your well-being. Your second priority is to take the proper steps to protect your claim. Heed the following:

  1. Get immediate medical attention. In most cases, the bus staff will be responsible for calling for assistance, but if these individuals are injured or killed, or if they refuse to contact emergency services, you should take matters into your own hands and call 911.
  2. Make sure the accident is reported to law enforcement. A police report will be vital to establishing cause and liability, which are the most fundamental elements of any injury claim.
  3. Don’t forego a doctor’s visit. Even if you feel “okay,” you should get tests for the back, spine and head. Prompt diagnoses of your injuries is important not only to your health but also to your potential recovery.
  4. If able, document all you can at the accident scene. Get contact info of all involved parties – the driver, other passengers, and witnesses included. You should also take clear photos from several different angles if you can.
  5. Get legal help. Only a qualified bus accident lawyer will ensure the protection of your right to full and fair compensation for damages.

Insurance Issues after a Bus Accident in California

Transit companies will more often than not have unique comprehensive insurance that covers all passengers. Since the laws and requirements related to such insurance are almost always complicated, you will want the assistance of a reliable bus accident attorney to assist you with these claims in order to determine policy limits and find out whether there are any loopholes that can be utilized to your benefit.

California Bus Accident Guide: Get Help Now

All confidential legal consultations with our attorneys are provided free of charge. Since most buses are controlled by government entities, there is only a short window of time to preserve your rights before it is too late. Call us today at (866) 344-0588 to discuss your case with one of our dedicated legal experts.