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DUI Collision Kills Toddler

Published on Jan 24, 2018 by Wilshire Law Firm in , ,

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The law is clear: you cannot, legally, drive while under the influence. It doesn’t matter how deserted a road may be, what time you’re driving at, or how familiar you are with your route, it only takes one act of negligence to cause serious harm. One driver, Rodney Klamerus, had to learn this the hard way, and others suffered because of it.

Dui driver, Rodney Klamerus, killed a toddler and injured four other, including himself. The 50-year-old driver was speeding on Highway 41 when his 2012 Hyundai crashed into a 2012 Nissan. The Nissan was struck in the rear while turning from Hanford Armona Road onto Highway 41. Though only rear-ended, Klamerus was traveling at a high enough speed to injure three passengers, Eduardo Arteaga, Saul Arteaga, and Deborah Duran; all in their thirties, and kill one-year-old toddler, Liliana Valencia from Fresno.

This car collision was reported to the California Highway Patrol on Sunday around 1:16 a.m. The crash occurred in Lemoore, 30 miles away from Fresno.

Klamerus suffered major injuries and currently resides in Fresno Community Regional Medical Center in critical condition. Though we know that the passengers in the Nissan suffered injuries, we don’t know to what extent. What is known for sure is that the toddler died at Adventist Medical Center.

According to the FresnoBee, Klamerus is already facing felony charges. If it is discovered that Klamerus had a BAC above 0.08%, he could face anywhere from a year to five years in prison. This could vary depending on prior DUI convictions and other factors.

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