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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Giveaway

Motorcycle Bandana Giveaway

As part of our campaign for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, Wilshire Law Firm is offering these bandanas for free. At no cost they will offer a flexible means of protection for the people who request them. They can be used as a face mask, head apparel, or even a covering for hands, arms, or legs. Our hope is that by distributing these items the roads will be safer by helping bikers be better equipped at no cost to themselves.

As a personal injury law firm with an expert staff of motorcycle accidents lawyers, Wilshire Law Firm is currently running a campaign for Motorcycle Awareness Month through their social media and digital channels. Through sharing safety information and facilitating conversation on the subject, our goal is to help riders be better informed leading to a safer driving experience for everyone who shares the road.

The increased danger of operating a motorcycle over a more conventional vehicle are apparent to any observer. Bikers are conscientious and responsible motorists, but we recognize that accidents still happen. Those unanticipated and tragic situations are why we represent victim of motorcycle accidents, and also why we’re running this campaign. We are experts at getting our clients the compensation they deserve, but a little preparation and knowledge goes a long way toward making sure these situations never happen at all.

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(US residents only. Limit one per person. While supplies last.)
Due to the overwhelming amount of response to this campaign, these bandanas are currently unavailable. We will update this page once more bandanas become available again.

Motorcycle accident attorneys

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