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A Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Can Help Expedite the Process

Victims of Los Angeles car accidents often have this question in mind: how long does a car accident case take to settle? The reason car accident victims want to know this is obvious - they quickly want to put behind the traumatic experience and continue with their lives. Additionally, they want the compensation they are entitled to without any undue delays.

However, prior to getting an initial settlement offer, there are three things that must take place. It is these things that will determine how long your car accident settlement will take:

1. Get discharged or get to a maximum level of medical improvement

First and foremost, you need to have either completely recovered to the point where you no longer need treatment, or have reached your maximum medical improvement (meaning you are as good as you will likely get health-wise), to be able to start negotiations or to file a lawsuit.

Also, if future surgical or medical procedures have not yet been performed, your car accident attorney could ask the doctor to provide an estimate for the cost of future procedures you will require. This is the most common reason for delays in car accident settlements. The solution to this issue is to know the doctor and how to reach them with the aim of getting a report which will make it possible for you to claim your future health care expenditures.

2. Obtain your medical records and bills

It is actually the responsibility of your car accident attorney to collect your medical records and bills. The time they take to gather all your medical records and bills plays a huge role in determining how long your car accident settlement will take. These records are very important in car accident settlements; they show the injuries you suffered and this is, in fact, the most important variable utilized by insurance companies to determine how much compensation you need.

At times, medical records are not enough. There are cases where the doctors are needed to shed light on ambiguity in their records or to provide views on your future needs for medical care.

3. Wait for the insurance company to respond to your demand package

After sending a settlement demand containing all the relevant medical records and bills together with other information that is needed in resolving the car accident claim, an insurance company will obviously take time to thoroughly assess your claim. This evaluation process takes less than three weeks in the majority of claims; however, in some cases, it takes more. Your car accident attorney should follow up with the insurance company to make sure that your claim is being processed as fast as can be.

In case pre-suit settlement negotiations do not go through, then your car accident attorney ought to push the ball forward as fast as they can to get you your money within the shortest time possible. You need to know that some insurance companies tend to slow things down after the effectuation of a settlement. A good care accident attorney will make sure the insurance company speeds up the compensation process.

Get the Right Los Angeles car Accident Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm

There is totally no way of establishing how long your case will take to be settled. However, getting a skilled LA car accident attorney could make things a little bit easier for you. A good attorney will work at getting you a quick settlement and ensure that all the necessary proofs are gathered to get you the best possible settlement. In case you or your loved one has been hurt in a car accident, hire a good car accident attorney who will stand by you throughout the entire settlement process.