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The First Thing You Should Do After an Accident

If you've been in an accident, make sure you get a police report, make sure you document the accident so that all the partices are identified including the other party's insurance company. This will absolutely ensure that the Wilshire Law Firm can at least investigate properly and bring you the best possible result at the end of the day.

Talk to your insurance carrier and get what's called unisured motorist coverage. This is probably the most critical advice I could give anyone riding a motorcycle today in California. Talk to your insurance company and make sure you have the highest limits you can affor. For example, try to get a policy limit of a minimum of $1000,000. What this means is, if you're hit by somebody in California and they don't have insurance, your will at least have $100,000 in coverage that will protect you and then if you get into that accident and you call our law firm, we'll be in a position to help you and your family at probable one of the worst times of your life.

A benefit to a client to hire an attorney on a contingent fee basis means this: nothing ever comes out of a client's pocket in the beginning of the case. So, you are free to hire us at no cose to you and all the risk is on us. And that's what you want as a client. You want to be able to walk into our office or have us come to visit you at your house or the hospital or wherever you might be and not have to worry about paying for any service at the beginning of the case. Everything is at the end of the case. That's what a contingency fee is.

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