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Spinal Cord Injury

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Spinal Cord Injury Resources in California

If you have recently sustained a spinal cord injury (SCI), you may feel overwhelmed by the many obstacles that await you. However, you are not alone. There are many resources in California you can turn to for help in all aspects of your post-SCI life. We have compiled a list of resources below along with…

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Managing Depression after Spinal Cord Injury

While depression may be common amongst survivors of spinal cord injury (SCI), especially those with paralysis, it is certainly not normal – grief, discouragement, and sadness are to be expected, but depression represents a condition that can be just as debilitating as any physical illness, and therefore should be treated as such. According to multiple…

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Brain Chip Could Eliminate Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis

    On October 26, researchers at San Diego State University announced that they – along with teams at the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – had received a $15 million grant to continue work on a brain chip that could help people paralyzed by the effects of traumatic spinal cord…

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