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Car Accident

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Wilshire Law Firm Secures Landmark $28.5 Million Result Against School District

November 7, 2019
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Wilshire Law Firm Receives U.S. News 2020 “Best Law Firms” Award

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Did Your Subaru Just Get Recalled?

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How Police Accident Reports Affect Insurance Claims

Reports Have High Impact on Car Accident Cases In most car accident cases, the police accident report plays a crucial role in determining who was at fault. Insurance adjusters as well as car accident lawyers usually accept it as the most accurate assessment of the accident, not without conducting their own investigation first though. Therefore,…

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How Bad Road Design Contributes to Car Accidents

What WLF Car Accident Attorneys Know Thousands of auto accidents occur on our roads and highways annually, resulting in more than 30,000 deaths and 100,000 injuries. While the focus is usually on driver negligence and other causes, bad road design accounts for a small but still significant percentage of these accidents, according to experienced car…

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Filing an Injury Claim as a Passenger

Passengers Are Entitled to Damages After a Car Accident Passengers account for a significant portion of car accident fatalities and injuries every year. This is perhaps because they are normally caught unawares in most accidents, in contrast to drivers, who sometimes have a few milliseconds to ‘prepare’ themselves or to brace themselves for oncoming collisions.…

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The Science Behind Road Rage

Car Accident Attorneys Explain the Dangers of Road Rage We have all been there: the driver in front of you is on their cell phone and driving their car 12 miles below the set speed limit, the driver to your left will not let you over, and the driver behind you is tailgating your car!…

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Strategies to Reduce or Prevent Drunk Driving

You Could Save Lives Says Concerned Car Accident Attorney Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on our roads today. To reduce the number of drunk driving related accidents, everyone who goes out for a drink should choose a sober designated driver before leaving his or her house. This would save a…

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7 Common Causes of Accidents in California

Important Information by Car Accident Attorneys Data released by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) revealed important statistics on the most common causes of car accidents in California. Knowing these common causes of accidents can help you minimize your risks of getting involved in one. Also, when the unexpected happens and you still end up getting…

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The Insurance Secret Uber Doesn’t Want You to Know

Uber Accident Attorney Reveals All Who, precisely, is liable when a driver is involved in an accident? Is it him, his insurance company or the company he is working for? The Law isn’t clear on this question as liability is determined on a case by case basis. However, it is this legal gray that many…

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Road Rage Statistics – the Surprising Facts

Concerned Car Accident Lawyers Say Don’t Do It Also known as traffic tantrum, road rage is a behavior where drivers display aggression against another driver or pedestrian. Such behavior includes yelling, verbal and physical assault, and threats, the end goal of which is to emphasize power and release stress. Car accident lawyers discourage road rage…

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The Dangers of Rubbernecking

Car Accident Attorneys Advise Against It The term rubbernecking is used to describe those drivers who get distracted and stare at accidents as they pass. Ironically, rubbernecking itself is a form of distracted driving which can lead to serious car accidents. If you get into a car accident with a rubbernecker, get in touch with…

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Making an Underinsured or Uninsured Insurance Claim

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help If you experienced a car accident and this accident occurred because of other driver’s negligent actions, then you may pursue compensation through an insurance claim. If the at-fault driver does not have adequate insurance coverage for your damages, this insurance claim can be made under the uninsured or underinsured…

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