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Safety Rules for Group Motorcycle Riding

Safety Rules for Group Motorcycle Riding

Safety Rules for Group Motorcycle Riding

Group motorcycling is a unique experience and is definitely not the same as riding individually. When you are riding alone, you are able to use all of your attention to look ahead and anticipate. However, in a group, there are different set of rules and etiquettes you have to follow.

By following proper rules and safety measures during a group motorcycle ride, you can make sure that the ride is safe and enjoyable for everybody in the group. Group motorcycle ride requires a lot of organizing; it can also prove to be dangerous if safety rules are not followed.

However, if an accident does occur, be sure to contact a competent motorcycle injury lawyer as soon as possible in order to get your desired results from the trial.

The following are some of the safety rules for riding motorcycle in a group:

Check mirror from time to time

The most important rule you should keep in mind when riding in a group is to check your mirrors from time to time.

To be safe you should always see other riders behind you. When some of the riders decide to stop at a certain point, everyone in the group should be informed. Following this practice will help make sure no one is missing and will save time as well.

Appoint an experienced rider in front

Appointing an experienced rider as a ride captain is a great idea to ensure a safe group motorcycle ride. An experienced rider will know the route and you also need someone to make important decisions. For an organized ride, it is necessary to appoint a person who can advise everyone for next stop and alert people when needed.

Keep a safe distance

When riding in a group, people often ride closer to each other than they would when riding individually. Although this is not completely avoidable, you should always keep this in mind. Especially if you are riding behind the first rider, he may have to suddenly change lanes. In order to avoid collision a proper distance should always be maintained.

Ride at your own speed

It is important you ride at your own speed when touring with a group. If your speed is faster than the rider ahead of you, you can easily pass them. You should maintain your own speed even if you are slower than other riders. Realize that everybody has their own pace. There is no need to increase your speed more than what feels comfortable to you, always know that others will wait for you at the next decided stop.

Follow staggered formation on long straights

Avoid riding side by side. Although it is legal, it is not very safe to do so when riding in a group. Staggered formation is ideal on long straights.

Staggered formation is where one in front rides at the right side of the lane whereas the one behind him rides on left side of the same lane and again the one behind him on the right side and so on. This formation allows everyone to see ahead.

This formation should not be followed when riding in corners; everybody should choose their own line through the corner.

Your behavior is your own responsibility

In group motorcycle riding one should behave like they would when riding alone. Always keep in mind that only you are responsible for your own behavior, especially for your speed. Don’t race after others. Always watch and follow traffic signals.


Riding in a group can be an exciting and fun experience, if safety rules are followed. However, accidents are very common in group rides. Careless and reckless behavior should be avoided at all costs in order to prevent injuries and property loss.

Even if you have been in an accident, if you have followed all the safety rules, it becomes a lot easier for your motorcycle injury lawyer to help you prove your case in court.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017

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