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How to Handle Yourself After a Motorcycle Accident

As the saying goes, “all motorcycles go down at least once.” Whether that’s true or not, it never hurts to be prepared. A crash can be costly, stressful, and damaging to not only your health, but for your finances, too. Considering how expensive a motorcycle accident can be, you’ll want to make sure to do everything possible to document the scene, so you can recover the maximum amount of compensation for you claim. By taking the right steps, you can help your recovery process go a lot smoother.

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There are six things you should keep in mind in the event of a motorcycle accident:

  1. Get yourself to safety and check for injuries: Your safety should always be your first priority! You’ll want to check for any injuries you might have sustained in the accident. If you were not injured, injuries were minor, or injuries have yet to develop, check on everyone else involved in the motorcycle accident and make sure they’re okay.
  2. Remain calm: Motorcycle accidents are adrenaline-inducing events, causing those involved to panic and freeze up. You lose valuable time because of this. Take a moment to calm yourself before going through the necessary motions involved in documenting a motorcycle accident.
  3. Report the accident to the police: This is important! You want a police report on hand stating you were not at-fault for the accident. Otherwise, it will be easier for insurance companies to pin fault on you, meaning you get less compensation. Avoid being named as the at-fault motorist by giving YOUR statement to the police. Never rely on the driver to tell the truth. In fact, they may lie and say the accident was your fault. Also, don’t be afraid double check the police report.
  4. Take photos of the collision and your injuries: Pictures can show the severity of an accident and how it impacted you. The more pictures you have, the better. Photograph the collision site, traffic signs and signals, and injuries you and others might have sustained.
  5. Exchange information: Do not leave the scene until you have the other motorist’s information. Information should include contact information, driver’s license number, vehicle information, and insurance information. After exchanging information, avoid speaking to the driver.
  6. Get eyewitness information: Were there witnesses who saw the accident? Take a moment and get their contact information. Ask them if they would be willing to be called upon as a witness. If the answer is yes, write down or record their version of events. Send a copy of your written statement and have them sign and date it.

We understand that a motorcycle has limited space, so you may not have a notepad and pen on you at the time of an accident. But, 77% of Americans own a smartphone! If you have nothing to write on, use your smartphone as a notepad.

Of course, handling a motorcycle accident doesn’t just stop at the accident site. There are other things you need to keep in mind, especially if you plan on filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. During the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, remember the following:

  • Never admit fault for an accident: This is easier said than done because insurance adjusters have many different techniques they can use to get you to admit fault. Even a simple “sorry” can be seen as admitting fault! When speaking to anyone about the accident, such as police, paramedics, the at-fault driver, never say anything that could be used against you.
  • Contact a lawyer as soon as possible! A motorcycle accident lawyer can provide you with the legal and financial assistance you need to recover maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident. When looking for a personal injury lawyer to hire, make sure to look for one who has experience in these matters.

Handling a motorcycle accident can be difficult. The personal injury and accident attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm know this. You’re suffering from injuries, paying costly motorcycle repairs and treatments, and you might have missed work because of this incident. You deserve to be compensated for these damages, as well as other impacts you might have suffered from because of this accident! Wilshire Law Firm’s motorcycle accident attorneys want to help! We have recovered hundreds of millions on behalf of our clients and want to help you recover the maximum compensation possible for your case, too! Call for a free case consultation at 1-800-522-7274, today!

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