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Lane Splitting Guidelines – ABATE Chairman Glenn Phillips Chimes in

Lane splitting guidelines update alert!

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Lane splitting in California continues to remain influx. As part of our continuing coverage of the updated guidelines, we spoke with A Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education(ABATE) California State Chairman, Glenn Phillips.

Glenn was kind enough to answer a couple questions over email, about his experience as one of the committee members working with CHP to influence the new guidelines.


Glenn speaks about lane splitting

Glenn on his Harley at home, all smiles!

WLF: What was ABATE’s suggestion for the guidelines?

GP: Originally we did not want any speed limitations. But with time we amended our support to 15 mph above traffic and no more than 50 mph while splitting. We are still waiting for the guidelines to become official in its final version.

UPDATE: The guidelines that Glenn contributed to are currently on the CHP Commissioner’s desk, however, the Commissioner recently stepped down, before approving the new guidelines, according to CHP Sergeant Larry Starkey.

The fate of the guidelines is now at the discretion of the next CHP Commissioner, who has yet to be appointed.

WLF: If you could say one thing to educate passenger car drivers with regards to lane sharing/splitting, what would you say?

GP: That lane splitting is safer for us riders than being confined between two stopped vehicles. It is a necessity due to the models and brands with air-cooled engines to prevent overheating. Lane splitting is now legal and for those that choose to impede that process – you are breaking the law. We need to ensure that drivers driving in a slowed condition need to expect and watch for lane splitting and move over safely.


ABATE is a motorcycle organization that has over 350,000 members nationwide.

According to ABATE, they’re, “Dedicated to preserving individual freedom and promoting safety.”

If you can’t stand by that, what can you stand by?!

Furthermore, ABATE fully supports rider training, safety, and education. Their members regularly raise funds for the less fortunate, through charity runs and benefits. Plus, they encourage their members to be active in their local communities.

Learn more on their website

Past lane splitting coverage from Wilshire Law Firm:

Wilshire Law Firm also spoke with BARF Founder Bud Kobza about his contribution to the guidelines. He was kind enough to provide us with the original guidelines, which you can view here:

Wilshire Law Firm deeply cares for the motorcycle community of California and all riders across the United States. Lane splitting in California affects all drivers, and we will continue to keep you updated as we learn more about the status of the new guidelines.

Ride safe!

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Ride on, ABATE!

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