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30-Day No Fee Guarantee, About Time!

Wilshire Law Firm is offering a 30-Day No Fee Guarantee

Some people might think that being a personal injury lawyer is all about getting rich at the back of other people’s pain. A thought that often cripples the minds of even the sharpest legal experts. “But how can others criticize personal injury attorneys for helping accident victims?” — others might say.

30-Day No Fee Guarantee

The reality is that, if some people think that way, our industry is not communicating, properly, what we’re about. Now, we can’t go out there and vouch for every personal injury lawyer in town. But we certainly can do something practical about showing potential clients why we do our job.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we decided that it was time to show our community that we, truly, care. That, above all, people in distress deserve to be free from worries, when choosing the best attorney to handle their case. These are good people, who come to us in their darkest hours – without a voice to speak on their behalf against negligent corporations, greedy big business and unfair employers – hoping that we can change their lives for the better. It’s a huge responsibility, and we understand what’s at stake!

So, what exactly did we do?

Founding President and Managing Attorney, Bobby Saadian, announced that, effective immediately, Wilshire Law Firm is now offering a 30-Day No Fee Guarantee to all our new clients. We want to help you!

What does that, really, mean?

In simple terms, what it means is that, from now on, all our new clients, with no exceptions, will have thirty (30) days, from the date on which they sign their retainer, to evaluate our services. That’s our promise! That’s how confident we are in our team!

During those initial thirty days, if, for whatever reason, a client is not satisfied with our services, and they decide to take their case file elsewhere, they can do so, and they don’t owe us any money. That’s right, no fee, no charges, no penalties.

But don’t get confused!

In addition to this newly-implemented 30-Day No Fee Guarantee, Wilshire Law Firm also offers a No Win, No Fee agreement. That’s different!

We take your case on the contingency fee basis, too. Assuming that, after the initial 30 days you decide that you love the way we treat you and how diligently we work for you, if we don’t win your case — even after we worked hard to fight for you — you still won’t have to pay us anything. Again, if you don’t win, you don’t pay us anything. Zero.

No win for you? No fee for us! That’s only fair. Why should you have to pay for our services, if we couldn’t get you any financial recovery?

So, not only do we give you 30 days to evaluate our services — and walk away at no cost to you, if you’re not happy with us — but you, also, won’t have to pay us anything, if you don’t win the case. Two great advantages, at no cost to you.

We’re here to win!

In legal matters, as with everything in life, there are times when, even after doing our very best, verdicts don’t go our way. It happens. Yet we’re counting on the amazing experience, legal acumen, dedication, integrity, professionalism and the good reputation of every single one of our attorneys.

It’s because of our team’s outstanding work, and a decade of exceptional service, that we have managed to recover over $130 million, in settlements and verdicts, on behalf of our clients. That’s how attorneys and law firms get the public recognition of industry peers and consumers, by doing a great job!

Here is the thing, people will always make an informed decision, based on how they see that we can help them. It’s our moral duty and our responsibility to show them that what we do comes from a good place, and that we’re willing to be of service. Our integrity doesn’t come from just being true to our values and keeping our word. But, also, from finding solutions to help those, who need help the most.

Being of service is the highest form of respect to our community, and we take that seriously. It’s called putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. We’re not just lawyers, and we’re only human, just like you.

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