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Who Is At Fault in a Multi-Car Pile-Up?

Determining the At-Fault Person for a Multi-Car Pile-Up

The winter season has just arrived. In the coming months, we may see one storm after another pelting the roadways of California with rain and snow, that is, if the climatologists are right about El Niño. This doesn’t bode well for motorists: when bad weather conditions and fast speeds are combined, otherwise safe roads can become accident hot spots.

While the majority of auto accidents involve one or two vehicles, almost one-third of all crashes involve multi-vehicle accidents, also known as pile-ups. It only takes one negligent driver to set off a chain reaction of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles, all crashing into each other. Since the potential for destruction in this type of accident is high, victims often sustain serious or even fatal injuries.

Determining fault in a multi-car pile-up is often complicated because the stakes are usually quite high and consequently at-fault drivers are less likely to admit responsibility. In most cases, investigators become involved to establish the underlying cause and identify the liable driver. Their techniques include:

  • Reviewing police reports and speaking with officers to determine whether any of the involved drivers was arrested or ticketed for a violation, such as drunk driving, speeding, possessing no insurance, etc.;
  • Getting statements from the drivers, their passengers, and other witnesses;
  • Taking photographs of the accident site along with vehicle damages; and
  • Combing through drivers’ records for prior arrests, accidents, and so on.

If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle collision, you may be entitled to partial or full compensation for your damages, depending on your degree of fault in the accident. It is important that you consult with an experienced California auto accident attorney who can investigate the circumstances surrounding your case and find evidence that absolves you of any blame.

At Wilshire Law Firm, our legal team has achieved high settlements and verdicts for our clients in countless accident cases of various degrees of complexity, including those involving multi-car pile-ups. To discuss your rights and best options with one of our dedicated auto accident lawyers, call us today at (800) 522-7274. We offer FREE consultations and don’t charge a cent until we make a recovery.

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