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5 Ways to Be More Productive on the Road

5 Ways to Be More Productive on the Road

Car Accident Lawyers Give Work-Travel Advice

Most business travelers often use their trips as mini vacations. However, a productive traveler will always make good use of his or her business trips. Thanks to smartphones, tablets, and laptops, we are no longer bound to our desks. We can easily contact clients, make appointments or even make payments wherever we are. However, to fully enjoy the possibilities opened up by these mobile devices, there is a need to make certain adjustments.

Below are five ways of being more productive on the road, provided by the knowledgeable car accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm:

1. Carry your own power

Carry charging cables, a car charger, a backup battery pack, and even your own Wi-Fi if possible. It is never a good time to race against your laptop’s or tablet’s dying battery to complete an assignment on time. Rushed assignments usually result in poor outcomes such as negative client feedback. However, having sufficient power to comfortably complete your work can bring about an amazing sense of self-satisfaction and achievement.

It is better to be overprepared than underprepared. Charge your phone, laptop, iPad, or any device you may need for your work. Apart from this, carry an extra battery pack that you can use on any of your devices. With enough power for all your devices, you can easily stay connected with the office and do any work-related activity on the road (just not behind the wheel, of course).

2. Divide your work into two groups: travel-friendly tasks and office-only tasks

You can, of course, rename the group whichever way you wish. The main point is that there are tasks that you can easily complete in a mobile environment, and there are those that are best left for the office.

Travel-friendly tasks include conducting online research, reviewing work done by subordinates or reading industry magazines or articles. Leave the more involving tasks, such as typing for the office.

3. Make use of your headphones

You most likely have a playlist that gets you going in work mode. If not, you can spend a little time creating one and then saving it to one of your devices. When it is time to work, put on your headphones and allow yourself to get into the zone. Having this sort of “trigger” music will tell your brain that it is time for work even though you are in a moving car.

4. Create your own portable office

This could be a briefcase, a bag, a box, or even your car’s entire backseat. Assemble all the stuff you need to work on the road; your own power, your devices, books, notebooks, and stationery. After assembling these items, find a suitable bag or briefcase where you can fit them all in; one with multiple compartments will be best. In case you do not have a bag or tote with compartments, you can come up with one using tiny containers placed in one large container. This might seem unnecessary, but having your work stuff sorted and organized will make you more productive whether you are in the office or working on your assignments on the road.

5. Get audiobooks

If you are the one driving, or the thought of simply looking at your laptop in the car makes you feel sick, do not fuss. There is still a way for you to be productive. For one, you can listen to audiobooks. Download free audiobooks from sites such as LibriVox and listen to them on the road.

Remember to seek the services of experienced car accident lawyers in case you get involved in an accident. They will help you get the compensation that you are entitled to.


Last Updated: 03-24-2017

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