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Always Carry These Items in Your Car

Always Carry These Items in Your Car

The Most Important Items to Keep in Your Car

Accidents are accidents! No one plans for them to happen. However, there are ways that you can prepare yourself for an accident, so that you can increase your chances of survival and do away with any major frustrations that you might have in case of an accident. Obviously, these items will only be useful to you if you happen to survive the accident. Moderation is key. Don’t drive at excessively high speeds, don’t drink and drive, and don’t text and drive. Observing these will give you a higher likelihood of surviving an accident and using two or three of the emergency items listed here. Remember car accident attorneys will only be of use to you if you survive so prepare yourself for any emergency by getting these items now!

What you should carry

  1. A First Aid kit – The number of people without first aid kits in their cars is just mind boggling. Just think about the number of life-saving procedures that you could actually carry out using this kit. If you do have a first aid kit in your car, get to know everything in it and how to use them in the case of an emergency. That way you will be better prepared for a car accident emergency.
  2. A charged cellphone – This should basically be a basic phone stored in one of the corners of your car’s glove compartment. Regularly check its charge to ensure that it has enough power for the trip. You never know when you might have to call emergency services, get in touch with car accident attorneys, or call someone back home to inform him or her of your situation.
  3. A seatbelt cutter and window breaker – There is nothing as scary as the feeling of being trapped in a car wreck. The thought of the car blowing up will constantly be on your mind! Get yourself a seatbelt cutter/window breaker. This device can help free you from a jammed safety belt and easily create an escape route through one of your car windows in case the doors get jammed.
  4. A bright flashlight – A bright flashlight could help you signal other motorists or find your way back to the highway or a nearby town if you get into an accident at night. It could also help you get other emergency preparedness items in this list in case it is dark.
  5. Jumper cables – Perhaps you left the headlights on. Or perhaps the car battery is on its last legs. No worries, it happens to everyone from time to time. That’s where jumper cables come into play. You simply need to signal someone on the road, connect the cables and you will be good to go, at least far enough to get to the nearest Auto Zone.
  6. Food and water – Get a fresh bottle of water and some dried snacks, preferably high-protein and high-carb foods that can be stored for a long time without spoiling. These can help you in case you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  7. A safety blanket – It might be cold or snowing outside when something happens to your car. A safety blanket could help you stay warm as you wait for the tow truck or emergency services to arrive.
  8. Money – Yes, about 100 dollars in small bills. You might have to stay in some rural motel if you get an accident on the highway in the middle of the night! Not every place takes card.
  9. A card with your medical information – The card could have your emergency contacts, your car accident attorneys’ contacts, what you are allergic to, your blood group, or any condition you might have. This could help in making work easier for hospital/ emergency personnel in case you become unconscious.


Always have these items in your car to increase your chances of survival in case of an emergency and to reduce or eliminate any frustrations that you will likely experience after an accident.

This information has been brought to you by the experienced car accident attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm.


Last Updated: 03-24-2017

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