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Is Driving with a Marijuana High Dangerous?

Is Driving with a Marijuana High Dangerous?

Does marijuana use affect driving? Facts About Marijuana and Driving

A recent Gallup poll revealed that a lot of Americans have the perception that driving while high on marijuana is not that dangerous. Nearly 70% of the individuals polled said that those who drive while high on marijuana are just a “somewhat serious problem” while only 29% agreed that driving with a marijuana high is a very serious issue.

While the majority has no serious problem with driving with a marijuana high, many Americans, about 79 percent of them, are of the opinion that driving under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous. These individuals are actually right about the risks of drunk driving. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, almost a third of all the fatal accidents were as a result of alcohol impairment.

But is it truly safe to drive with a marijuana high?

It turns out that those individuals who smoke marijuana within just a few hours of driving are nearly twice as likely to be involved in an accident compared to sober drivers. This is a clear indication of the dangers associated with driving while high on marijuana. Even though alcohol still remains the most common accident-causing substance, a recent survey by the National Institute of Drug Abuse revealed that 6.8% of the drivers involved in car accidents (the majority of whom were below 35) actually tested positive for THC (a chemical contained in marijuana).

A lot of people have been involved in car accidents caused by marijuana-impaired drivers. Others have escaped with serious injuries while others have lost their lives to such accidents. In you are injured; then you ought to be well compensated. However, receiving compensation for your injuries could be a very difficult procedure. Such a procedure requires the services of an experienced car accident lawyer. With the help of a skilled car accident lawyer, you can rest assured of getting compensated for all the damages caused.

One of the main issues associated with driving while high on marijuana is that when one is high, their judgment is impaired and they do not realize this. This is particularly true for teens who are already drivers at risk. Even though it varies among individuals, it normally takes at least three to four hours to actually come down from a marijuana high. There is absolutely no amount of greasy food or strong coffee that is going to get you sobered up faster.

A lot of us grew knowing that one should not drink and drive, but not much effort has been put into stopping the dangerous combination of smoking weed and driving. Marijuana greatly affects perception, reaction time, and spatial tense; all of which are important for safe driving. This is to say that when you are driving while high, you might end up too close behind another car (and brake very late), misjudge road hazards, or even make dangerous turns, all of which can lead you to a situation where you will need the services of a car accident lawyer.

Unlike alcohol levels that can be easily be determined, law enforcement officials and researchers have not yet established ways of accurately testing for marijuana levels. However, police officers in several states are now being trained on different ways of detecting marijuana intoxication.

In the future, we might see a move towards the legalization of weed in more states. However, despite your stand on this issue – “yes to weed” or “no to weed” – we all need to be on the same page when it comes to the designation of a driver who refrains from each and every mind-altering substance (whether legal or illegal). A lot of road accidents can be prevented and a lot of lives saved by simply staying away from marijuana if you intend to hit the road soon. However, if the worst happens, and you find yourself as a victim of such an accident, do not forget to seek out the services of an experienced car accident lawyer. It is your right to get compensated for any damages caused.

The fact still remains: weed and driving don’t mix.

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