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9 Reasons Not to Drink and Drive

9 Reasons Not to Drink and Drive

Almost everyone knows it is bad to drink and drive. However, many people don’t seem to appreciate the gravity of the situation. Some just think DUI (Drinking Under the Influence) laws are just meant to frustrate citizens. However, you should know that DUI laws are meant to protect you and other road users from the dangers of drunk driving. This article, which is brought to you by our car accident law firm, highlights the key reasons why you should not drink and drive.

1. You could cause a fatal accidentDrinking negatively affects your brain. When you drink beyond a certain limit, your cognitive abilities will be compromised. You won’t be able to think clearly and you are more likely not to make the right choices when driving. This means you will very likely cause an accident on your way home which could be fatal to you and/ or other road users!

2. It is against the law – As mentioned in the intro, drunk driving is against the law. If arrested and charged you may end up in jail.

3. Could result in a criminal record – Conviction in a court of law would most probably result in a criminal record, which will most probably frustrate your future job search prospects or house search prospects.

4. Your driving license could be suspended – Your driving license could be revoked if you are caught drink driving depending on the gravity of the offense. Imagine having to be driven around by your spouse or friend for three months or more!

5. Your professional license could be revoked – For those whose professions require some sort of license, for instance, physicians, teachers, public officials, lawyers or nurses, you could lose your work license by being removed from the list of practicing members. So beware!

6. You could lose a lot of money – Being caught drunk driving could result in having to attend mandatory treatment programs or numerous court appearances which imply that you won’t be able to go to work as you normally did which will, in turn, mean lost wages. You could also lose money in terms of having to pay large fines and fees. For instance, you may have to pay court fees, civil penalties (if you caused damage to property or injured someone else) among other related fees.

7. You could pay more money – Insurance premiums are based on how much more you are likely to get into an accident compared to the average driver. If you get a DUI conviction your insurance company will demand that you pay a higher monthly or annual premium. This is because you will be categorized as a high risk. Not even a top car accident law firm may be able to help you at this point.

8. Serious property damage – You could cause damage to your car, to another driver’s car or even end up smashing into someone’s shop window. You don’t want that guilt on your conscience as you recuperate in the hospital.

9. Taint your image – whether you are in public office or you are planning to run for public office (you never know when you might feel the urge), you will likely have a hard time convincing the electorate that you are a responsible man or woman if you have a DUI-related conviction. Those who look up to you within your family or the community will no longer hold you in high esteem if you are caught drunk driving.

Wrapping it all up

There are many reasons why you should not drink drive. You could cause a fatal accident or it could set you back thousands of dollars. You don’t need that kind of guilt or debt over your head. A car accident law firm can help mitigate the punishment you will receive but they won’t make it go away.

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