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5 Tips to Avoiding Traffic on Your Commute

5 Tips to Avoiding Traffic on Your Commute

Car Accident Lawyer Gives Advice on How to Get out of Jams

All of us living in southern California have experienced being stuck in traffic at one time or another. Often it is hard and frustrating to deal with traffic jams. This is especially true in the summer time, as the heat makes it even harder.

Nobody wants to spend their precious time being stuck in traffic. Use these tricks, provided to you by a knowledgeable car accident lawyer at Wilshire Law Firm, to avoid traffic and get your time back.

Find Some Alternative Routes

In addition to your favorite route, you should look for at least two more ways to complete your commute. Having knowledge of these additional routes will help you in case the road you usually travel on gets closed due to traffic jam.

In order to find different routes, you should look at a detailed map of the area, which can be found online or offline. Make notes about these routes. You can also ask people about the alternate route if you cannot find it yourself. There are often many routes leading to one destination. You should also know how to switch between these different routes; this will help you handle the sudden traffic jam situation in a more efficient way.

Try Out Alternative Routes

You may know an alternative route you saw on the map, but knowing alone is not enough. Try these routes by actually driving through them. On the map, these routes may look better but there are many factors that can make even the physically shorter roads harder to drive through, such as speed limits, the number of available lanes, etc. Make sure you test these alternative routes by driving through them whenever you have time.

Alternate Your Timing

Traffic is almost like a living thing – it has a schedule and is more active during some parts of the day than others. If your commute lasts long no matter what route you try, then you might want to adjust your schedule. Try leaving a little early or later than your usual time; by playing with your timing, you will get the sense of which time is best when it comes to avoiding traffic.

Check Traffic Reports Before You Go

There are many ways to check the traffic reports before you leave for your commute. Traffic updates are available on the internet as well as on the radio. There are even some apps these days which you can download on your phone in order to get an accurate traffic report. Traffic reports can help you decide which route you should take on your commute. You can see traffic speed information through these apps as well. So, always check traffic reports before you leave in order to avoid being stuck in traffic.

During Your Commute Use a GPS Device for Live Traffic Updates

You can get a GPS device in order to get live traffic updates. These devices are a bit costly but are a great source of information about traffic situations. There are many features that make these devices very popular among drivers.

Along with giving you the updates on traffic situation these devices have some other great features too; they can provide you with accurate guidelines when driving on a certain route. GPS devices really make driving simpler and more convenient for drivers.


The aforementioned traffic solutions may seem quite common and basic; however, that does not make them any less helpful. Complicated traffic situations often lead to higher risk of accidents. If you successfully avoid traffic, you can decrease the risk of a collision. If you do get into an accident, the most important thing to do is hire a competent car accident lawyer who can best handle your case.

Last Updated: 03-24-2017

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