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2015 Setting Pace for Deadliest Driving Year Since 2007

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2015 Might Be The Deadliest Driving Year Since 2007

In spite of the introduction of high-tech safety features in automobiles, such as collision detection, brake assist, and other advanced driver assistance systems, many people are still getting killed on the road. In fact, if the numbers on traffic deaths for 2015 continue their upward trend, we just might see the worst year for drivers since 2007.

According to a recent study by the National Safety Council (NSC), auto accident fatalities and serious injuries are 14 percent and 30 percent higher than they were during the same period last year, respectively. Close to 19,000 people were killed in crashes across the United States, and more than 2.2 million sustained serious injuries. In California alone, there were 1,566 traffic fatalities – a 20 percent increase from 2014.

A Hundred Billion Dollar Problem

The financial impacts are devastating as well. The total cost of all the traffic deaths, injuries, and property damage that were reported through the first six months of 2015? An astounding $152 billion – 24 percent higher than last year. This estimate includes wage and productivity losses, employer costs, medical expenses, and administrative expenses.

What’s Going On?

Why is the U.S. experiencing such a surge in traffic deaths and injuries, the likes of which hasn’t been seen for close to a decade? It could be due to the following factors:

  • More people are driving because of reduced gas prices and increased employment rates. According to the Energy Information Administration, average gas prices are 30 percent lower than they were last year.
  • The increased prominence and resultant usage of mobile devices may also be a culprit. Multiple studies have shown distracted driving to be a factor in a significant percentage of all accidents.
  • A recent American Automobile Association (AAA) survey indicated Americans believe that certain risky driving behaviors are less of a threat than they were before. Because they feel safer, Americans may be driving less cautiously than they should.

In order to stem the tide of traffic fatalities and injuries, all motorists must drive defensively on the road and make smart and ultimately safe decisions behind the wheel. Otherwise, more lives may be needlessly lost in preventable accidents.

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