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Tae-Yoon Kim, Esq.

Supervising Attorney at Wilshire Law Firm

Tae-Yoon Kim, Esq. brings his 18 years of experience and versatility to Wilshire Law Firm. He has been involved in all phases of the litigation process over that time period for both plaintiffs and defendants. After a brief stint working for the defense early in his career, Tae realized his talents would be much better served helping fight for the rights of individuals against large corporations and insurance companies. Consequently, Tae began focusing on representing plaintiffs, with great results.

At Wilshire Law Firm, Tae helps manage the crucial pre-litigation phase to make sure all clients are onboarded efficiently, thus ensuring a solid and successful foundation for their cases.

Tae also supports charitable organizations that help those without a voice and is justifiably proud of his work with Vikasitha Ministries, an orphanage and widows support center in India. He first visited them in 2005 and continues to support their important work today.

For his undergraduate studies, Tae attended Brown University where he earned a BA in History. Tae earned his Juris Doctor from Minnesota Law School where he was Managing Editor of the Minnesota Law Review before graduating cum laude.